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It’s glaze mixing day.  I have a few more pots to trim but while they’re drying I’m going to mix up a few new glazes and top off some batches of what I already have.  I haven’t mixed up new glazes in a while so I hope I have all the ingredients.  I have a delivery coming tomorrow from my supplier so I can hopefully get whatever I’m missing on the truck.  
I ordered a mug from Ayumi Horie after I saw Michael’s post that there was some new work available.  As I kept checking throughout the day I saw the little buttons change from “buy now” to “sold” so I thought I would join the fun.  I’m glad I did.  It came today in time for my second cup of the day…

I also thought I would include a few goofy pics of my girls that we took yesterday.

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  1. My friend Amy got a plate.

    I really wanted something but I’ve blown my pottery budget till Christmas.

    Cute girls. Take care, Ron

  2. If I had gone to the pottery tour in MN like you, then I don’t think I would have been buying anything either. Thanks for sending me Amy’s way, I’ve been following her blog since finding it on your list of links.

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