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Kiln Repair

Yesterday as I was prepping to glaze I took a quick look at my kiln.  One of arch bricks had finally broken in half.  It had been hanging on by sheer will power during my last big bisque.  Of course, I hadn’t checked it until yesterday…smart move.  I quickly called Bailey Pottery and they shipped off some fiberbond cement that arrived today.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to load up the kiln over the weekend like I had hoped.  It’s the first real repair that I have made to the kiln.  I’m glad it went so smoothly.  Here are some before and after pics….

As I was fixing it there was a whole lot of fluttering of wings going on.  It seems as though I have a visitor in the kiln shed.  Here’s the new Kreeger Pottery kiln shed nest.  As long as I don’t get pooped on and nothing happens to the electrical going to my bisque kiln, who am I to evict anyone.

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  1. I have a swallow’s nest in my kilnshed.I have to put a fan on them when I’m doing a firing, not only does it keep the smoke off them, but it ensures they’re cooked all round!

  2. ah….convection cooking at it’s finest. i might have to try that.

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