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Still catching up…

Not a bad day. Even though we had a sort of a late night I was able to get some of my catching up done. We even had a very decent amount of people through the gallery on a rainy Saturday. I guess I should have advertised a Mother’s Day Sale or something. Anyways, I got the cups above trimmed and slipped as well as cleaned up the mugs that waited so long for their handles.

Below are a couple covered jars that I managed to throw. As I said earlier, covered jars had left my pottery world as of late in lieu of boxes but maybe their back. This cycle I feel like I am re-visiting forms and decorating ideas that I haven’t seen or used in a while. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting ready for a reduction firing for the first time in ages. Regardless of how I’ve gotten here…or back here…it’s fun to try these distantly familiar ideas with pottery skills that I didn’t have last time. A lot of these ideas I haven’t put on my pots since my first summer opening up shop. I’ll try to snap some pics of some old pots lying around the studio that I never got rid of….maybe there is a reason I kept them.

My soup bowls were still not quite ready to trim. If I can sneak over to the studio for a little while tomorrow maybe I can trim those and the serving bowls I threw yesterday.

Off to a birthday party tonight….and it’s not for children….Woohoo!!!

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