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I’m still trying to catch up and finish the work that I’ve made recently.  I really like Michael Kline’s phrase, “chasing plastic”…it’s something I feel like I’m constantly doing around here. I’ve gotten the 8 plates I made the other day all trimmed, though there are now only 7.  I guess I’ll have to make an extra one in the next go ’round.  The big pots and cut vases are drying slowly thanks to the weather and the trusty dry-cleaning bags.  The serving bowls are trimmed and slipped, and I just got some handles on a few pitchers…pics are below.  
I also tried a variation on my oval vases…which I applied to the pitchers as well.  I added some ribbed lines down towards the bottom of the pot.  I ended up slipping this with some brown as well as a bright blue slip.  You can see the raw clay in the first shot of the pitchers before the handles were added.  Yet another step added….we’ll see how it goes.  I have a lot of “tests” or “trials” going in this next reduction kiln.  My friend Darren might come down to use the reduction kiln to fire his work.  That could be really good since I’ll be able to get a few of the new pots in his firing and test them before I load an entire kiln with entirely new glazes and slips.  

well…off to get the two remaining kids to bed.  every post seems to end with something with the kids…
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