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Absolutely gorgeous day on Cape.  The kiln is cooling and the shop is closed so I took off on my motorcycle until Evangelina got home from Yoga.  We played tourist and rode to a great place for lunch and ended the ride with some ice cream from Sundae School.  

The shop is closed tomorrow so we’ll probably unload the kiln either tomorrow night or Thursday morning.  It will probably be light posting until I unload.  I’ll snap some quick pics and during the unloading.  I took a quick peek through the spies this afternoon and it looks good so far.  I couldn’t see much but the kiln was even top to bottom so that always feels good.  
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  1. Good luck, hope it’s a good one

  2. Yes Keith, that is my pink bike in the background!

    I like the handles on your teapots. I just started making upside handles on some of mine. Is that how those are put on? Jen

  3. Pots! Pots! Let’s see some pots!

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