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Drying Time

I think my cycle of earthenware is just about done.  I’ve got about 75 pounds left of clay so I think I’ll be making another round soon but now it’s time to get everything dry, into the bisque and then a quick turnaround for a glaze firing. 
I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly I’ll be able to get everything through.  I’m used to filling a much larger kiln with a much longer firing cycle so this should be interesting.  I need to mix up a few glazes now that I have all of the ingredients but that might wait until Monday.  I have a couple of pork shoulders sitting in their dry rub getting ready for a slow roast tomorrow.  I know….Michael, Ron and all of you potters from the Carolinas can get the real deal BBQ Pulled Pork whenever you want but we’re not as lucky up here on the Cape.  So I’m making my own for tomorrow’s Sunday Dinner with friends.  I don’t have a pit or any good smoking wood so it’s going in the oven for a long, slow roasting at about 275º.  It’s still good but can’t compare to what you Southern potters can get.  And I’m combining BBQ styles since I have some sauce from The Salt Lick which is located near my future home town.   I’ll let you know how it is.
In the meantime, here are some pictures of the last round of pots for this cycle.  I’m hoping that everything is dry enough for me to fire a bisque on Monday.  If all goes well I’ll be able to get everything glazed up by Tuesday night and get the kiln back on.  A Wednesday firing might be more realistic.  Either way I’m excited to have some new pots by the Holiday Weekend.
First up are some small squared mugs with some fresh slip…yummy.  They’ll get the rest of the decoration tomorrow.

Here’s one of my larger wobbly vases….
Some lunch plates…

A couple more wobbly vases….
Here are the tumblers I threw the other day that might be too large…perhaps they are now small vases.  Next to them are some more mugs with some more of that bright yellow underglaze.  
If all goes well maybe we’ll get a picture of some pulled pork up on the blog tomorrow.  Anyone have a favorite cole slaw recipe to go along with BBQ?  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  
¡¡¡Vamos España!!!
Euro Cup 2008
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  1. brandon phillips

    man you’re in for a treat. there’s bbq everywhere down here. and mexican, when you get to austin go to chuy’s(sp?)mexican.

  2. brandon,

    chuy’s is a staple when we go down to visit my wife’s old hometown of houston. can’t beat the chips and jalepeño ranch and their shrimp tacos are just about the best thing in houston. i haven’t been to the one in austin but hula-hut and shady grove have been visited already. the abundance of flavorful food is definitely going to be a welcome change when we get to austin.

    we have our fried seafood up here but that gets boring and bad for you very quickly.

    how’s the heat though? i’m not sure i’ll every be ready for that.

  3. Michael Kline

    I was just talking with my potter neighbor Mark Peters the other day and we were both lamenting the absence of good BBQ here in Mitchell Co. I had to go all tghe way to SC to get amazing BBQ at Hog Heaven (Pawley’s Island) It was the best BBQ I’ve had since I’ve moved here ten years ago. Don’t assume there’s good BBQ everywhere here in NC.

  4. Michael,

    I just figured North Carolina, BBQ and Pork were kind of made for each other.

    I guess a trip to Hog Heaven is going on the to do list.

    How’s the kiln looking?

  5. brandon phillips

    100’s 4 out of 7 days the last few weeks. when its not over a hundred its raining. impossible to work in either, for me. i think of a southern summer like a northern winter, you just have to write it off and wait for the nicer weather.

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