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Kiln is on!

Pilots are lit.  It’s time for a quick bite to eat before I get the mains on.  It was a long day but worth it.  It started with a bike ride with Javi and Ale and it ended with actually getting the kiln on.  In between was a visit from Katie and Brandon on their way to go surfing and a fundraising dinner/auction for Autism Speaks.  I have pics of a whole bunch of stuff but I need to get out of my glaze covered clothes and get some grub in my belly.  

More to come.  I have a couple of turn-ups tonight so I’ll probably post something while I wait.  
The studio is a glaze disaster but I think I’ll deal with that tomorrow.  
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  1. Thanks again for the great bag. The gallery looks great and we can’t wait to see how the pots turn out…they look beautiful so far!

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