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Sidewalk Sale!!!

Following up on Emily’s successful sale last weekend in Chicago we’ll be having a little sale here on Cape as well.  If you’ve signed up for our mailing list you should have gotten a little newsletter about it today.  

There is a sidewalk sale all through town this Saturday and we’re taking part in it for I think what may only be the 2nd or 3rd time.  I’ve got a lot of pots hiding on shelves in the studio that I have always called “not quite seconds”.  This seemed to be a good opportunity to find these pots a good home.  
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Posted in Uncategorized on 06/12/2008 04:37 pm


  1. Emily Murphy

    I think you’ll find that once you start digging through the shelves and pulling out pieces, there are a lot more pots than you thought!

    Good luck this weekend!

  2. Emily, I think you’re right but first I have to climb over some boxes to find my way to a few of the shelves.

  3. what beautiful irises! 🙂
    I miss my visits to New England…

  4. Thanks Anne,

    And, in true New England fashion…they came from separating a bed of Irises in a friend’s garden. The Irises are gone but the Hydrangeas are coming soon.

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