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Educational Blog Post. Must Read!

I feel like I haven’t done enough educational or “how to” blogging on the site yet.  
Here’s a start:
5 Gallon Buckets of slip should never…let me repeat, never be used as a step stool.  Just please, take that extra second and locate your actual step stool.
Here is the result if you do not heed my advice:  

The crocs should be fine with a run through the dishwasher.  And, I think I have finally proven that not everything looks it’s finest having been freshly slipped.  

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Posted in Uncategorized on 07/09/2008 06:31 pm


  1. philippine lotto results

    that doesn’t happen everyday. wish you all the best.

  2. brandon phillips


  3. Ha ha ha !!!

  4. It had to happen to someone.

    ho ho ho.

  5. glad i could make everyone laugh. i know i’m not the only one to think a five gallon bucket could work in a pinch. next time. i’ll make sure to stay on the edge of the bucket.

  6. Keith, did you get that email I sent earlier in the week?

  7. hehhehe…..oh I don’t know ya foot looks pretty good slipped! thanks for sharing..

  8. Emily Murphy

    Warning taken! A couple of years ago I was reaching up way over my head getting a gal. jar of glaze off of a high shelf and it ended up opening up and pouring out on my head. That was pretty funny too. Well, funny later on… after all of the iron was washed off.

  9. lol
    I hate when that happens

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