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Sorry Michael…

Apologies to Michael Kline for ripping off the “Coffee Break” feature…but….since this was my first cup of coffee for the day it’s not truly a break.

I got this cup in the mail last week…filled it immediately and I’m just now getting around to getting the pic up on the blog.  
For those that haven’t seen it yet, Ron has a new Etsy store where you can get your own freshly made earthenware shipped directly to your door.  Sorry, you must provide the coffee upon arrival.  You can find the store directly from Ron’s blog.  
Buy Pots!  Buy Pots Online!  Buy from potters you know…buy from those you don’t but like what you see of their work online.  I had never seen Ron’s pots until I started blogging.  I’m glad that his mug has joined my morning rotation in the kitchen.  The more pots everyone buys online….from me, from Ron from everyone, the more pots we’ll see online and the more pots will get around the country as well.  
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  1. Patricia Griffin

    Hi Keith – Am enjoying your blog! And I love the “Coffee Break” feature on Michael’s site so it was fun to see your version… Ron’s cup looks like a fun way to start the day. His pieces seem to have such a happy spirit.

  2. Hey Keith, I’ve been sort of lax on the computer for the past few days. Just catching up. Glad you are enjoying the mug. Looking forward to seeing those platters fired.

  3. Nice to hear from you Patricia.

    I’ve been on the computer but lax in the studio…not sure when I’ll get those platters finally done. I think you have the better idea as far as computer versus work time management theory thing.

    I’ll get re-organized and get another couple of days of work done in there and fire soon…hopefully!

  4. brandon phillips

    man, ron gets around.

  5. Bruce Christopher

    I approve the fish mug…

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