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…& pilots are on.  After a great dinner I was actually able to come on home and finish loading the kiln.  I just turned on the pilots after soaking my cone packs in the oven.  Hopefully, that extra pre-heat will help them from exploding during the ramp up.  

Since most of the kiln is taken up by larger pots and I stacked it just about as loosely as is possiblem it was pretty easy.  Definitely not the most efficient stack ever but I needed to get a few orders out and will make do with a light load.  In no particular order are some pictures of pots below.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything pottery related so here you go….

I’ll turn the mains on shortly and then get a couple of turn-ups done throughout the night.  I guess I’ll go watch another episode of “Mad Men” on iTunes.
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