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Oysters Again

Bruce stopped by this evening with a cooler full of oysters that he harvested the other day.  Luckily…we still had some horseradish and mignonette so it was another good combo.
In true “Mad Men” fashion I felt it was unacceptable to have oysters without a cocktail.  I grabbed this tumbler which I’ve always loved.  During my many trips to Dan Anderson’s “Mounds” kiln I would always hope that Caroline would have some tumblers stowed away in the gallery somewhere.  One of the trips the planets were aligned and I brought 3 of them back with me.  This one is the largest…which obviously makes the it the best for an Old Fashioned.

Here’s the cooler full of oysters waiting to be shucked.
I did alright shucking the other night but a lesson from the master…the very tall master…never hurts.  The dry clay on your arms and shirt are not necessary.
Finally…I guess this tray from one of my first soda-firings here at Kreeger Pottery has now officially become the “Oyster Tray”.

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Posted in cocktails, fun, non-pottery, oysters on 10/23/2008 11:04 pm


  1. just so long as you don’t have too many old fashioneds!

    looks delicious.

  2. Bruce Christopher

    Good stuff Keith! You’ll be competing in Wellfleet before you know it! I just finished painting the trim and checked your code. I figured it out and sent you an email. Give me a yell if you have questions.

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