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Weekend Guests

My friend Abigail is coming to visit.  Or so she says…I thought she would have gotten in by now. I guess a drive from Ann Arbor is tough to time.

Last time we saw her Javi was about 4 months old and just about as tough a little 4 month old as there is…a kid with colic isn’t too fun.  Anyways…he’ll be 6 in February…so clearly, it’s been a while.
I did get some more work done in the studio and was all set to upload some pictures that I took last night but I think Evangelina took the camera with her to the beach just now.  
I feel like I haven’t been blogging enough…definitely not enough pottery-related blogging but that’s just the way it is right now.  I’ll definitely be doing some food blogging later today because I have quite the feast planned.  Littleneck clams steamed with white wine and garlic, oysters on the half-shell…maybe the quarter-shell…I’ve never shucked them at home before so hopefully it all works out, and finally some pasta with crabmeat.  Abigail and her husband Steven are coming in from Michigan so I thought I would go with as much New England seafood as I could find for night number one.
I finished up most everything in the studio this week but then made more and have a lot of “chasing” of plastic to do.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do in Austin…things are going to dry much faster than I’m used to.  This week I made a bunch of mugs and left them uncovered overnight to put handles on them in the morning.  They weren’t ready in the morning so I left them out all day and overnight again….they still weren’t ready until the following afternoon. 
Well…pics when I get the camera back and probably some food blogging along the way tonight.
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  1. Bruce Christopher

    How’d your shucking go? I’ve been shucking too… check out my blog. You’re platter’s on it. Oh, and I got splashed by a wave which went into my wader pocket and shorted out my phone. I just got a new one today. Off to eat some oysters. I’m going to need some help.

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