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Tomorrow, these will be in Boston…

Tomorrow is set-up day at CraftBoston.  I meant to snap some photos of the newest pots but I ran out of time.  Don’t worry…I’ll be able to take some during the show and I’ll even try to find some time to upload them while I’m in Boston.
So..tomorrow, I’ll try to figure out my new booth set-up and get a good amount of work done so that Thursday is a little easier of a work day before the show starts Thursday night.
It should all go really smoothly because Ben helped put together an awfully cool booth. It should set up really easily and I shouldn’t need to ask any friends or neighbors for help….that doesn’t mean I won’t.  I’ll get some pics tomorrow during the set-up.
Now it’s off to find all of those power cords, power strips and all of the other little things to make a booth work.
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Posted in craftboston, craftshows on 11/11/2008 11:54 pm


  1. Kyle Carpenter

    good luck!

  2. have fun! I hope stuff sells like hot cakes! the pots look great.

  3. Michael Kline

    This may be a little late, but GOOD LUCK! The pottery market has been ok in these parts, hopefully you’ll get big crowds.

  4. michael gardner

    Congratulations on the website, your blog and the beautiful pottery. Michael Gardner

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