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After being a little embarrassed that Jill’s piece was hiding in a box because we couldn’t find the right spot for it, thankfully she let us know that someone else had used one of her pieces as a centerpiece on their table.

We took her advice and before she could blink….it had a new home.

It’s a really beautiful piece and Jill took full advantage of the Anderson Ranch soda-kiln to make it.  She understood exactly what was going to happen with that flame to make this piece work so well.  She gave us a beautiful little talk about how that single kiln became part of the narrative of her work.  I won’t try to explain it…you’ll have to ask Jill.

Again…it’s meant for the wall but we’ll be quite happy with it on our table for now.  We’ll find a wall for it in Austin.
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Posted in friends, jill oberman on 12/14/2008 04:27 am

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  1. That is a beautiful piece by Jill.

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