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I had a great day yesterday.  Actually, it was a great few days.  We had a great weekend with the kids, a nice little BBQ feast on Saturday to celebrate with a few friends and we even made it through about half of “Bolt” yesterday evening.  For Javi, who is terrified of movies, half of the movie is some major progress.  Of course, the movie started out much scarier than we thought it would so he didn’t exactly get to ease into it. Hopefully it wasn’t so bad that he’ll avoid going to the theater again.  I doubt it since he hasn’t stopped talking about the half of the movie that he did see.  It’s almost like he enjoyed it.
Back to pots….
I had a good day in the studio today.  Finished up a few things that I didn’t get to do over the weekend and I threw a bunch of squared serving bowls.  I’m going to try and head in shortly to make a few more things but I think I may need to catch up on some sleep so it may not happen.
Here are a few recent pics….

These are the squared vases that I made the other day.  Waxed, slipped and ready to dry out for a bisque.

This is a little squared bowl.  I think it was about 3lbs of clay.  I like the little cut away foot.  I like it better than the footed bowls below…

I made this before the one up above.  As I said…I think that I like other cut foot better.  I think it looks more stable and solid although, we’ll see once all is glazed and done….I”m still playing around with this “new to me” form.  I do like how they’ll relate to the smaller bowls that I made at the end of the last cycle.  Perhaps the small ones need feet as well.

I made 8 of these 5lb bowls today.  A mix of taller like these and lower, wider ones.  They’ll all have cut feet and the incised slip like the first bowl.  

Tomorrow should be another good day in the studio….hopefully I’ll have some pics at some point tomorrow to prove it.
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  1. I agree, and like the other bowl the best. I like the small cutout. It’s kind of a ‘secret foot’ not so obvious, and it does look very stable.

    Happy Late Birthday!!

  2. brandon phillips

    i like the cut feet. i also like the shallow one better. i think with the deeper cuts maybe larger/wider feet like in the first one? glad you had a good b-day.

  3. I love your ‘squared’ work! What glaze/firing treatment will these slipped vases get after bisque? I actually like the wider cut out – agree with Brandon that the feet just need to be slightly bigger.

  4. Thanks all. I think Brandon and Judy are on to something. I always forget to leave enough clay to trim and now that I’m consciously trying to leave more my brain still won’t do it. I guess it’s from focusing on throwing so many forms that I didn’t have to trim. I’ll try some taller ones on the next go but I think I may cut it a little less angular and try to give a little curve to match the little bit of curve that the rim gets from the altering.

    For this round, Ron and I are the winners and these bowls will get the “secret” foot treatment.

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