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It’s been raining for a day and a half so even with the heat on a little bit nothing seems to be drying to quickly.  My studio shelves are fast being filled up with bowls and mugs waiting for the next step.  So, I’ll finish coffee #2 and see how things have dried since my 7am check.  If they’re not ready to work on I guess I’ll have to find some space and throw a few more things….I’m thinking oval vases today but I need to make a few more mugs as well.

I also need to update some stuff on the blog and website.  I need to update a bunch of sidebar stuff here to more accurately portray the blogs that I read coming through my google reader account.  It’s a great way to stay on top of what’s going on with all of the pottery blogs that I have become addicted to.  My website just needs some tweaking about my upcoming schedule and what-not.  Well….off to work….pics later.
I’m still having the Holiday Sale over at my Webstore and it’s still Free Shipping on everything until Monday.  
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Posted in pottery blogging, website on 12/11/2008 01:57 pm

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  1. wish we could trade heaters. Our studio is so dry I think I am worried that I am going to look like a prune by the time winter is over.
    lets see those photos!

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