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Austin: Day 1

We got here yesterday mid-day but this is our first full day. We're
starting our trip on Lake Travis and this is our morning view from our
condo balcony. I'll take it. This morning we're off on a pontoon boat
rental to explore the lake with the kids.

I was hoping to blog often from the trip but I left my computer at
home by mistake. Something I discovered at the security check at JFK.
Whoops. We'll see how detailed the blog gets from my iPhone.

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Posted in Uncategorized on 04/19/2009 12:25 pm


  1. sounds delightful.
    hope you’re able to blog. I want to see houses!

  2. btw pontoon is one of my favorite words. I just like the way it sounds.

  3. Bruce Christopher

    look for fish!

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