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Hey Cupcake: The Sequel

This time they brought the KIDS!!! (cue creepy music)

I think I may have to buy an Airstream. It seems as though to have a successful business all you need is an Airstream and a parking spot in South Congress. If I remember correctly the lineup was: Pizza, Crepes, Popcorn, Cupcakes.
All of the major food groups are accounted for in the area.
Besides the cupcakes the good news is that we found a house!  We signed a lease and are actually moving here this summer.  We found a ridiculously beautiful home.  The owners built it and moved in six months ago but have to head to Paris for work.  I’ll get some pics up later.  It’s in a great neighborhood within the area for the school that we wanted the kids to go to.  And it’s walking to Magnolia Cafe which I haven’t been to yet but my parents checked out yesterday.  

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  1. nothing not to like about a town that serves cupcakes out of an airstream.

    I saw a classified ad for one the other day and thought about refurbishing it. want me to see if it’s still available?

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