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Levitating Planter

Forget about the bowl magically floating upside down….or the plastic table in mid-air.  If you’re still standing on your head after reading the last post this one will not look right….stand up.

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Posted in earthenware, planters on 04/29/2009 04:49 pm


  1. The more I look at these they remind me of light fixtures or even plaster details in old houses.

  2. they’d be awesome light fixtures.
    I’m making fixtures, and cups. let’s start a light fixture and cup company.

  3. The Ann Austin Cup & Fixture Co.?

  4. sounds good to me! But when we go into mass production we should manufacture in Detroit. Factory space is cheap and there are lots of eager, skilled people around.

  5. cool shapes… something to think about, upside down stuff

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