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What a Mess!

After reading this article in the New York Times last week I decided to go ahead and try to tackle my office.  It is taking a while but my piling system is slowly turning into a filing system.  We have an almost official moving date to Austin during the first week in August.  We’re slowly purging our house and my studio of stuff we don’t need to bring with us.  I’ve got 12 years of studio piles that make my office look like a simple endeavor….That’s probably why I’m working on the office so I can put off that truly horrifying job.
I’m trying to turn this….

and these…..
into something somewhat organized that looks like this….

And, I’ve just gone paperless billing with everything that will let me.  Now hopefully I read those emailed bills before my ISP cancels service!
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Posted in non-pottery on 04/05/2009 01:56 pm


  1. whoa, that’s impressive.
    I hope we don’t have to move for Steven to clean his office.

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