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A View of the Blue

Not sure if this batch of bowls will get the same treatment….

….but these are awfully blue.  We’ll know more early next week.

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Posted in earthenware on 05/01/2009 04:52 pm


  1. brandon phillips

    oh my god, i’m blind! just kidding. i think you are right, it will look good with the incising. i hear it’s good to try new things.

  2. we’ll see…perhaps with a glossy clear the blindness may not be a joke.

    try new things….very, very rarely. i typically fear change but my fear of not having a gas kiln as i get set up in austin is not giving me much choice.

  3. The upper two rows look almost lavender purple to me, which is one of my favorite colors, so I really like them and I like the incising.

  4. whoa. that’s blue.
    I kinda love it!
    I’m excited.

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