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I haven’t seen these in ages.  When we renovated our house about 4 years ago we moved into my parent’s house and what didn’t got to storage went with us.  I just dropped the kids off for a sleepover and found these pour bottles still hanging out.  

Why don’t we play a game of name that potter? 
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Posted in friends, random on 05/16/2009 09:01 pm


  1. brandon phillips

    sam taylor and maybe dan finnegan? not sure about the second one.

  2. yes for sam. not a dan finnegan….think mid-western.

  3. Judy Shreve

    I agree — Sam Taylor but puzzled over the ewer — thinking Suzie Lindsay or Will Ruggles?

  4. We’re still stumped on the little bottle on the right.

    It’s made by a graduate of SIUE and she typically fires her woodkiln. She is yet another potter who I wish I had grabbed another piece from while her work passed through our gallery.

    One more guess and then I’ll tell.

  5. I’ll guess Charity Davis-Woodard, but I needed the clue..

  6. jane shellenbarger

  7. brandon phillips

    geez…i dunno what saybra’s talking about, i’m going with charity davis-woodard as well.

    i was accidentally logged in as my wife. man, i hate it when i’m wrong at guess the potter.

  8. yep…it’s one of charity’s. great person and great potter.

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