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CityScape Mugs

I had mentioned the other day that I made some tall mugs that will fit into a cupholder for your morning commute. Well, they got a CityScape deco on them. I had done a similar deco a long time ago using wax, glaze and a wood kiln so we’ll see if this heads anywhere.

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Posted in mugs on 09/30/2009 04:14 pm


  1. I like these!


  3. What a good idea — these look great.

  4. Sarah asked me a while ago to make her one of these. Of course I had forgotten. I like the design, and the handle does have to be up towards the top so it won't get in the way eh? Nice. Glad you got your pedal too.

  5. Thanks everyone. It's time to compete with all of those stainless steel cups from Starbucks….I'm sure I'll do fine with that business model!

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