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I’ve never really thought throwing plates is an efficient use of time or clay. Well, not so much the throwing of the plates, but perhaps the trimming?

Time to learn how to slipcast?
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Posted in plates on 10/21/2009 05:02 pm


  1. Hey, I'm catching up here again. Looks like you're settling in. I can totally relate to the big ole pile of plate trimmings! I must take a pound off each one!

  2. Bruce Christopher

    Looks like seaweed…
    Speaking of which. I'm braving the elements for Oysters this weekend. They cancelled the harvest last weekend because of the NorEasta'

  3. I think that you may be better off sticking to throwing the plates, because slip castin is not the best method for producing plates,tiles,ect. Unlees you have access to a RAM press you should stick to throwing, but to each thier own. Good luck!

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