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Home Sweet Home

I got home from the Cape on Friday and the kids started school today.
Summer blew by and we had a ridiculously fantastic time at the Cape. Coming back up to the Cape after having been a business owner for 12 years was like being on the other side of a wall. It turns out that the Cape is an amazing place to vacation. I had always heard that from our guests but I was always in the gallery during all of those beautiful beach days in the past.
Last year was a fun summer but the stress of the move to Austin got in the way of the pure enjoyment we had this year. I don’t think we left our 10 minute radius more than 3 times the entire 8 weeks we were there.
But, now we’re home and Ale had her first day of Kindergarten while Javi started 2nd grade!
It was craziness today but great to walk into the school knowing where to go and seeing familiar faces…a far cry from a year ago. Javi couldn’t wait to get back to school and see his friends and Ale was trying hard to deal with how nervous she was. Once she sat at her table we went to the door and I waved goodbye. She just looked at me and shook her head no…but, she held back the tears and her first day of school began. I can say that her mother didn’t hold back the tears so well.
And, today I made it over to the studio to assess the situation and get ready to make work again. I’m used to being burnt out by now from the busy summer season but I’ve taken most of the summer off and now I’m going to have to turn it into crunch mode for a very busy fall.
First up is the Bayou City Arts Festival in Downtown Houston on the 9th and 10th of October…then it’s off to Gruene, TX for the Texas Clay Festival on October 23rd and 24th. This is one of those moments when I’ll be thankful for the switch to electric firing so I’ll be able to cycle work out quickly for these shows. I’ll post about all of my fall events shortly but now it’s time to head home and see how everybody’s first day went.
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Posted in austin, family on 08/23/2010 08:06 pm

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  1. school started today?!?!!? that's barbaric. School should start after Labor Day, as it does state-wide in Michigan.
    Gonna tell Javi and Ale so they make you move here.

    I'm having a hard time coping with Steven going back to teaching when he's been on sabbatical since mid December, forgive me.

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