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This is a weekend that I’m reminded of how I both miss Cape Cod but also LOVE that we’ve moved to Austin.  Labor Day weekend was always the end of our busy season but also brought with it the most beautiful time of year on the Cape.  Full of warm days, crisp evenings and the time when all the locals enjoyed the bounty of Cape Cod.


We spent a wonderful summer on the Cape as tourists again and as much as I loved having Kreeger Pottery on the Cape I have to admit, it’s a pretty fantastic place to play tourist.  I spent more time on the beach this summer than I did in the entire twelve years that I spent living and working out there.

Alas, we’re back in Austin and happy to back in the swing of things.  Kids are back in school, I’m cruising again in the studio and we’re slowly adjusting to the ridiculous heat.  Granted, since we were hiding on the Cape for most of the summer, I don’t feel I have the right to complain about it….but…it was 112 degrees a few days ago.


Busy week in the studio. Glaze firing soon!

It’s going to be a busy fall as I catch up with everything I should have done over the summer. I’m happy to be in this vibrant city again and enjoying the energy I’ve found hiding in my studio.

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