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At 10 years it’s been quite some time since my wife and I have given a real valentine’s present to each other.  Nowadays, it’s more about the kids and I absolutely love that they give cards to everybody at school and come home with a shoebox full of goodies.

I do still try to do something small for my wife and I noticed on the internets via Camille Styles that the amazing Ashley from The Byrd Collective was doing custom arrangements at By George, a local clothing boutique.  I decided to swing by with one of my centerpiece vases and let Ashley work her magic.  She did and it’s nice to see the full potential of this vase in action.  You can stop off at By George tomorrow to grab your love some flowers but get in touch with me first and you’ll have a vase that will outlast the arrangement.

Centerpiece Vase by Kreeger Pottery

Flowers by The Byrd Collective in a Vase by Kreeger Pottery,


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