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Catching Up

It’s another crazy time of year.  I’m not sure there is a time of year that isn’t anymore.  Austin is getting ready for the bomb that is South by Southwest to explode.  I have yet to see the full intensity of SXSW because we’ve been out of town the last few years but what had started as a small music conference has grown to be a 12 day event with a Film, Music and Interactive festival featuring epic awesomeness throughout the city.  It’s one of those things that I’ve felt bad for missing but realized early on that all of the bands that I’ve been dying to see live play Austin at least once or twice a year.  That let’s me relax a bit while I’m reading about all of the amazingness about it all.

I’ve been busy, busy in the studio finishing up lots of orders and even found some time to play around with some new ideas.  I was invited to the prestigious Yunomi Invitational at Akar Design and that opens on 3/23 and goes live on their website at the same time.  The show has a huge following and I’m excited to be part of it. Next up for me event wise is the Art of the Pot Studio Tour.  I’ll be hosting Deb Schwartzkopf, Michael Kline & Peter Karner at my location and all of the details are on the shiny new website I’ve put together for AotP.

I’ve fallen in love with Instagram and you can follow most of my current work from the studio there.  Below is a sampling of my Instagram Feed including some studio work and our recent whirlwind trip to NY to celebrate my mother’s 65th Bday…Happy Birthday Mom!

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