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Spring Break and More

It’s been a crazy few weeks here.  I’m finishing up my orders form NYIGF, making pots for Art of the Pot, Spring Breaking with my family and had a quick trip to NY.  Fun times to be had with everything but glad to be settled back into Austin for a little while to finish everything up.  I’m busy cycling work through the kiln and enjoying the switch from the making to the finishing stage.

Spring Break included a trip to an amazing 20,000 acre preserve that is part of the Nature Conservancy.  No internet, no cell service and no television meant that we all just relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors.  The kids spent the entire time playing with their friends, fishing for minnows and bass, running and hiking.  It was fantastic.  Then my son and I took a quick trip to Dallas for his soccer camp and had the bonus of a professional tennis tournament being played right at our hotel!  I was back in Austin for about 10 hours before I took a quick trip to NY.

Now it’s back to reality and some dedicated studio time.  Spring is upon us in Austin and that means another busy season with Art of the Pot approaching.

Here are some photos from the past week or so:

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