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New Work at Nannie Inez

There is a new store in Austin.  Nannie Inez just opened the doors today and I think you should head over as quickly as possible to see why I’m so excited about it.

Austin is a wonderful town and I had heard through multiple friends that I should meet Deeyn who has been busy putting the final touches on her new shop.  The shop’s amazing display shelves have been flying across the internet making every design lover in Austin green with envy.  Deeyn has curated an incredible collection to fill those shelves and I love how she describes the shop so directly, Nannie Inez, good living.

I’m thrilled to have my newest collection in Deeyn’s shop along with the rest of the fabulous work she has on hand.


New Work at Nannie Inez!

I will have some more work at Nannie Inez in the coming weeks but I was so happy to see her open that I wanted to get some work there right away.  In fact, the collection I dropped off is so new that it doesn’t even have a name yet….let me know if you have any suggestions.

I hope you’ll trust me and head on over to check everything out as soon as you can.  Great shop, great name, great town…Nannie Inez, Welcome to Austin!

Nannie Inez Interior: from Nannie Inez’ Instagram Feed

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