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New Year, New Work

My studio is already in full production mode and I haven’t even gotten up to this month’s New International Gift Fair.  I’m eager to get up to NY for my third time and I’m bringing my Essential Collection, the 2013 Chelsea Collection and debuting an even newer line of work of handbuilt plates.

Keith Kreeger Pottery Studios Slab Plates

New Slab Plates

I’m ridiculously excited about this new line of work.  This collection started as a custom order for a restaurant opening soon in Austin…more on that later…trust me…it’s a good story.  Anyways, the plates are thick porcelain slabs, are a little out of round and that combo is a great contrast to my linear designs on the work.

I have a few other pieces coming up to NYIGF in my handbuilt line and I’m looking forward to getting these pieces out to great shops around the country.  The kiln is firing up non-stop this week with all of the new work and I’m get some new photos up on the blog as they come out of the kiln.  In the meantime, Instagram is always the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening in the studio.


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