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A Musical Interlude

Last weekend was the big ACL Festival in Zilker Park. We had originally thought we were going to be out of town so I didn’t buy any tickets even though the lineup was pretty incredible.

We could hear the
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Posted on 10/09/2009 02:47 pm | 1 Comment

Bon Iver= Good Music

I’m no longer hip and I’m not a big fan of small, crowded places but I would love to see Bon Iver. I’m going to miss 2 shows here in Austin in October as we’ll be in Portland, ME that … Read the rest
Posted on 08/28/2009 11:23 pm | 3 Comments

Off to Orlando

My Sister-in-Law graduates from her fellowship program tomorrow and we’re going down to celebrate with Evangelina’s family.  We’re coming back Saturday so it will be a very quick trip.  Evangelina’s grandmother is coming in from El Salvador and it should
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Posted on 06/11/2009 12:59 pm | 1 Comment

From the Collection

I haven’t seen these in ages.  When we renovated our house about 4 years ago we moved into my parent’s house and what didn’t got to storage went with us.  I just dropped the kids off for a sleepover and … Read the rest

Posted on 05/16/2009 09:01 pm | 8 Comments

Going Big

We don’t have too many guests tonight but perhaps I should figure out how to get this pan for a summer paella party.  

I wish things would look as good when I try to scale my work up a bit
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Posted on 05/16/2009 07:28 pm | 2 Comments


I just started making the paella for tonight.  I’m using our large 18 inch paella pan which I thought made a lot…but I think these guys win that battle.  Plus, it looks like the guy across the pan is multitasking
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Posted on 05/16/2009 04:30 pm | 1 Comment

Hey Abigail!

Appy Birthday!

photo from flickr, here
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Posted on 05/16/2009 12:39 am | 2 Comments

The Giant Jackalope of Austin

I forgot to post this picture from our Austin trip a few weeks ago.

A friend from the Skidmore ceramics studio lives in Austin and works at Blue Genie, the force behind this Jackalope.  The company can make
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Posted on 05/09/2009 11:33 pm | Comments Off on The Giant Jackalope of Austin

Off to Fenway

Bruce and I are on our way up to Fenway to catch the Sox play Tampa Bay.

I’ll check in from Boston if my iPhone and it’s typos let me.
image from
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Posted on 05/08/2009 07:59 pm | 1 Comment

Thanks Katie & Brandon!

Last night our good friends Katie & Brandon dropped off a cake for the kids…obviously no cookie Cutter cake as it was one of a kind…well…maybe two of a kind. They may have used another half of a cake for … Read the rest

Posted on 04/13/2009 12:30 am | Comments Off on Thanks Katie & Brandon!
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